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Igloo Energy becomes latest company to join Electric Nation project

Image: WPD.

Image: WPD.

Energy supplier Igloo Energy has become the latest company to join Western Power Distribution’s (WPD) vehicle-to-grid (V2G) trial Electric Nation.

The trial is designed to offer a realistic view of future V2G operations, utilising multiple energy partners instead of one as there are likely to be a number of EVs using V2G charging with different suppliers and on different tariffs on any one street.

WPD is therefore partnering with four suppliers, with Igloo following on from the announcement earlier this month that Green Energy UK had joined the trial. In October 2020, Flexitricity was announced as the first energy partner for the trial.

WPD’s DSO development manager, Paul Jewell, said working with multiple suppliers will enable the DNO to “see the different effects of approaches taken within the supply market and how they affect participants’ charging behaviour".

“From that we will gain a real insight into the way V2G customers will affect the demands on the network, which we can build into our planning.”

Electric Nation is recruiting the owners of 100 Nissan EVs – with a battery capacity of at least 30kWh or more – in the Midlands, South West and South Wales to take part in the trial. Of these, 25 will be offered the opportunity to join with Igloo Energy and the CrowdCharge platform. Igloo will be able to send charging preferences to the platform, which will be connected to participant's V2G chargers, allowing the company to tailor the charging schedule.

Matt Clemow, CEO and founder of Igloo Energy, said the company was very excited to take part and learn how people will interact with V2G technology.

“Alongside our efforts to help homes transition from fossil fuel heating systems to low carbon systems such as air source heat pumps, helping households get the best value when using their electric vehicle is crucial, especially as their adoption grows.”

Those taking part in the trial will receive free miles of electricity up to a maximum reward of £12 per month, meaning some participants could earn up to 4,000 miles over the trial's year-long duration. Additionally, they will get a V2G smart charger installed for free.

Participants of Electric Nation are expected to earn a minimum of £120 over the trial, which starts March 2021. Already, over 600 EV drivers have applied, but the application process remains open to ensure that there are 100 participants that meet all of the eligibility criteria.


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