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IONITY switches up payment structure with price-per-kWh scheme

Image: IONITY.

Image: IONITY.

IONITY is changing up its pricing structure, removing its flat rate of £8 per charging session.

The joint venture between BMW, Daimler, Ford and Volkswagen is launching a price-per-kWh model across its European network, set to come into effect from 31 January.

As it stands, drivers who regularly use IONITY's network can sign up for a contract with Connected Mobility Service Providers or pay a flat rate of £8 per charging session.

Now, UK drivers are to be charged 69p/kWh they use to charge.

Michael Hajesch, CEO of IONITY, said drivers have the ability to choose the most appropriate scheme available depending on their individual needs.

“With regard to the rapid developments in electromobility our new pricing scheme offers a viable and transparent pricing structure in Europe,” he said.

Last week, ABB revealed IONITY had placed an order of 324 of its 350kW chargers, with plans to roll them out across 24 countries by the end of 2020.

A deal with Octopus Energy in May 2019 saw its chargers brought to the UK for the first time, with Octopus supplying the units with renewable energy.

It later penned a deal with Extra MSA Group to install chargers at eight MSA-owned service stations in the UK, and laid claim to the fastest charger in Scotland in a move that saw two 350kW chargers installed at a forecourt owned by Motor Fuel Group.

“It has always been IONITY’s aim to build a uniform and coherent network to make seamless, high-speed, long-distance electric mobility across Europe a reality,” Hajesch added.


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