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KiWi lands deal to optimise 15MW Gresham House battery

Image: Gresham House

Image: Gresham House

KiWi Power has signed a contract with Gresham House New Energy for the optimisation of a 15MW battery in Bristol.

KiWi’s propriety technology platform will automatically dispatch power from the battery in real-time, following a strategy designed to maximise its value and lifespan by continuously evaluating the degradation cost of each market action.

Thomas Jennings, head of optimisation at KiWi Power, said the aggregator will "maximise" the returns of the battery, increasing its performance and hunt value.

The battery will be optimised against multiple revenue streams, including ancillary services, and participate in the Balancing Mechanism (BM).

Aggregated storage is a relatively new addition to the BM, with Limejump laying claim to the first use of an aggregated unit in August 2018.

The battery is set to go live this month, joining KiWi’s portfolio of storage assets, which is on track to hit 80MW by the end of the year.

Jay Zoellner, CEO of KiWi Power, said the vision is to simplify distributed energy to deliver “global sustainability impact”.

“Projects such as this demonstrate the value distributed energy resources can deliver for investors and the environment alike.”

Zoellner was appointed CEO in September after KiWi’s last permanent CEO, Yoav Zingher, stood down in November 2018.

Gresham also signed a deal with EDF Energy last month for the optimisation of a 20MW storage project through its PowerShift platform. EDF is also optimising Anesco’s Clayhill battery through the demand side response platform.


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