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Limejump to take on 2MWh Tesla community battery

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Image: Tesla.

Limejump is to take on the commercial responsibilities of what is thought to be the largest community battery in Europe currently being built at a new housing development in Nottingham.

The £100 million Sustainable Community Energy Networks (SCENe) project will use a 2MWh Tesla battery to manage the solar and ground source heat pumps that are to be used on site to enable energy to be generated and distributed at a neighbourhood level to residents.

The Trent Basin project, which is funded by Innovate UK, has gathered a wide range of partners including Blueprint as the key partner and developer, the University of Nottingham, University of Loughborough, Nottingham City Council, Siemens and SmartKlub.

Limejump will work with the latter – a start-up intent on empowering cities towards ‘new, collaborative ways of powering themselves’ – to identify commercial opportunities for the battery.

A spokesperson for Limejump told Clean Energy News: “We are optimising the end to end market opportunities uniquely thanks to our supply license and aggregation experience. This will involve frequency through to wholesale market opportunities managing the customer risk profile and maximising returns.

“We also manage the full SOC [state of charge] optimised with our other 108.5MW of batteries meaning more control and proven delivery with…Tesla.

“Those are the key areas of our partnership with them and as per our brand and mission, their strive to provide sustainable energy resource works with our mission to create sustainable energy future so all round it’s a win-win situation.

Limejump, which is celebrating the results of National Grid’s latest FFR auction in which it secured 104MW of managed battery bids, will hope to replicate this success going forward with the help of the Trent Basin battery, the second project Limejump has picked up using a Tesla battery.

Charles Bradshaw-Smith, chief executive of SmartKlub, said: “Limejump offers an integrated and holistic approach. In addition, they also have a supply licence and are very transparent with their data.”


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