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Manchester’s first ultra-rapid EV charging forecourt opened

MFG's Stretford site is now home to eight dedicated ultra-rapid 150kW EV charging bays. Image: MFG.

MFG's Stretford site is now home to eight dedicated ultra-rapid 150kW EV charging bays. Image: MFG.

The North West of England’s first dedicated ultra-rapid electric vehicle (EV) power site has now opened in Manchester - also the first rapid-only site in Manchester - at MFG’s Stretford branch on the Chester Road.

The site is strategically placed on the A56 and has eight dedicated ultra-rapid 150kW EV charging bays, which can give 100 miles of range in 10 minutes of charging.

Velautham Ravichandran, contract manager for MFG Stretford said: “It is extremely exciting to be able to offer a dedicated ultra-rapid EV charging option to both our local community and those travelling through. We are now well positioned to serve UK motorists well into the future in this part of Manchester.”

In England, over 60% of dwellings in cities and urban areas do not have garages or other off-road parking provisions, and so must rely on electricity from publicly accessible networks.

MFG’s investment, will increase the infrastructure available to drivers, helping to alleviate range anxiety and increase driver’s confidence in electricity as a fuel source, thereby improving EV adoption.

William Bannister, MFG CEO added:We are investing heavily in ultra-rapid EV charging hubs alongside our existing fuel and convenience store network throughout the UK, including recent openings in Bristol and Birmingham and planned openings in Scotland and Wales this year. This is on top of a significant investment already by MFG in London which is leading the way in promoting cleaner motoring.”

MFG is investing in the new future of forecourts committing around £40 million in 2021 alone on EV charging hubs as well as undertaking a £50 million investment to improve its retail, food to go and valeting offer to the consumer this year. This investment will continue in the years ahead across its UK wide network.

In May 2021, what is expected to be Europe’s most powerful EV charging station was announced by a consortium of partners including Pivot Power, Oxford City Council, Fastned, Tesla Superchargers and European EV charging services provider Wenea. The site is expected to have 38 fast and ultra-rapid EV chargers.


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