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Mer rebrands Elmtronics EV chargers as it promises back-office software investment

A Mer EV charger at Hoults Yard Creative Business Village in Newcastle. Image: Mer.

A Mer EV charger at Hoults Yard Creative Business Village in Newcastle. Image: Mer.

Following its acquisition of Elmtronics earlier this year, Mer is rebranding all of Elmtronics charging stations and facilities as of today (25 April).

As a result, Elmtronic’s active chargepoints – of which Mer said there are “thousands” – are to move to Mer’s charging network, enabling the company to expand its public and private EV chargepoint network with a particular focus on fleet and workplace markets, which Elmtronics specialised in.

Elmtronic’s back-office network Hubsta is also being upgraded to the Mer network with the intention of offering an improved user experience for commercial use.

This will allow for further investment in the back-office software, with new features including a booking system for drivers, charger load management and dedicated fleet management modules planned.

Additionally, the existing 15,000 Hubsta drivers will be able to access a further 530 public EV chargepoints from Mer.

Dan Martin, managing director, fleet and workplace charging, Mer UK, said: "Over the last twelve months we have seen a 44% year-on-year growth in demand for charging infrastructure as the industry shifts to more sustainable practices.

“To be able to make the transition to EV fleets effectively, companies need the appropriate charging infrastructure."

The acquisition of Elmtronics gives Mer access to its portfolio of commercial customers, which includes Asda, Octopus Energy, BMW, Fedex and the London Ambulance Service.

Mer, meanwhile, currently operates over 1,000 DC chargers and over 19,000 AC chargers across Norway, Sweden, the UK, Germany and Austria, with roaming agreements in place with the likes of Shell Recharge Solutions and Paua.

Mer – which was previously known as Gronn Kontakt – was itself acquired by Statkraft in late 2019 before being rebranded and formally launched in the UK in April 2021.


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