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Moixa claims milestone as battery storage fleet surpasses 100MWh

Image: Moixa.

Image: Moixa.

UK based battery company Moixa has surpassed a new milestone, managing a fleet of 10,000 home batteries which it claims to be the largest in the world.

Its GridShare storage software is now optimising 100MWh of batteries in Japan just a year after it was launched in the country. This has enabled the company to hit this milestone alongside its partner, Japanese trading firm ITOCHU.

Simon Daniel, CEO of Moixa, said: “We want to accelerate the global transition to a zero-carbon energy system. Smart charging of batteries in homes and electric vehicles provides the critical tool to help achieve decarbonisation by storing and shifting solar and wind-resources. At the same time, it helps save money for consumers and reduce infrastructure cost.”

Moixa’s GridShare software is used for aggregation and smart charging of batteries, helping their response to grid signals by using AI to learn and optimise charging and operation.

The partnership has led to ITOCHU’s share of the domestic battery market rising to nearly 20%.

Koji Hasegawa, general manager of industrial chemicals department of ITOCHU said: “Our customers are getting extra value from their batteries with Moixa’s GridShare software. It’s enabling them to maximise their solar resources and prepare for weather risk.”

Moixa has had a big year, launching a number of projects around the world. This includes a new virtual power plantcomprising solar, batteries and electric vehicles in Ireland in October.

In May, Honda participated in an £8.6 million funding round in Moixa, which ITOCHU also took part in. The funding is allowing the company to expand, targeting millions of batteries.


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