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Networks and supplier arrangements to follow as Kaluza aims to build on learning phase

Image: OVO Energy.

Image: OVO Energy.

Kaluza is to follow up its recent manufacturer partnerships with agreements including both network companies and energy suppliers to help benefit consumers.

Earlier this week, Kaluza unveiled its second energy storage partnership with Powervault, a UK-based battery storage manufacturer that expects the arrangement to help it install “tens of thousands of units” over the coming years, its chief executive Joe Warren said.

Both sonnen and Powervault represent a ”whole asset class we didn’t previously have access to”, Kaluza’s Tom Pakenham told Current± earlier this week, whilst lauding the potential for domestic battery capacity to combine with heat storage and electric vehicles chargers to build a “fleet” of domestic flexibility.

Kaluza’s network of connected devices is currently in the thousands, however that is predominantly EV chargers, and work to incorporate Powervault’s batteries has already commenced.

But Kaluza is now setting its sights on other partners. Pakenham explained that while equipment manufacturers were critical to Kaluza’s strategy, arrangements with network operators and energy suppliers would be key to delivering value back to the consumer.

Arrangements with network operators are expected to be forthcoming soon, however Pakenham said the energy tech company was still very much “in the learning phase”.

“We’re generating revenues from the technology like other players in the space, but we need to do better, we need to do more to make the product more attractive, and make more money for our customers to drive that change,” he said.


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