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Octopus Electric Vehicles launches fleet charging bundle

Image: Getty.

Image: Getty.

Octopus Electric Vehicles has launched a new bundle for fleet operators, partnering Ohme, Alfen and FLEETCOR.

The Fleet Solution is being described as a ‘transition bundle’, with the aim to assist fleet managers and businesses making the switch to EVs.

The bundle is a complete solution, Octopus said, providing support from selecting the right vehicle to charging platforms that allow users to split energy and miles between home, work and on the go.

It is available for an upfront set up cost and ongoing monthly payments.

The bundle includes independent advice on all battery EVs, specialist finance and servicing rates with leading companies set up to manage EVs, an overview of charging data via the Ohme Fleet Fashboard, full data integrating with FLEETCOR’s Allstar One Electric reports and a dedicated EV support line.

The smart chargers are to be provided by Alfen, with chargers for both home and workplace charging.

The Ohme Fleet Dashboard is an app-based service designed to track and minimise charging costs through allowing charging and vehicle miles to be categorised as home, workplace or destination. This enables a suite of reporting functions and reimbursement of expenses for home energy use.

It also allows charging to be aligned with the OctopusGO and AgileOctopus tariffs, and providing fleet managers with visibility of CO2 savings, charging location and charging costs.

The FLEETCOR Allstar One Electric reports give consistent reporting on a range of public networks.

Robert Labinski, head of EV Business Solutions at Octopus Electric Vehicles, said that whilst electrification is a “huge opportunity” for fleets, it presents challenges around easy access to charging and reconciling the cost of charging.

“The new bundle provides unrivalled visibility on cost of ownership for every fleet vehicle and a significantly reduced administrative burden associated with electric alternatives.”

Octopus has several EV bundles on offer alongside the Fleet Solution. The Powerloop bundle, which includes vehicle-to-grid chargers, was launched in 2018.

Earlier this month, it announced a partnership with EO Charging for a solution bundling a Nissan Leaf, the EO Mini Smart Home charger and the Octopus Go tariff together.

The Octopus Group has also partnered ABB for a ‘one-stop-shop’ for bus and commercial fleet operators, providing charging infrastructure and renewable energy.


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