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Ofgem confirms collapse of four more energy suppliers

Over fifteen suppliers have now shuttered this year. Image: Getty

Over fifteen suppliers have now shuttered this year. Image: Getty

Omni Energy, MA Energy, Zebra Power and Ampoweruk are the latest suppliers to go under as the supply market continues to shrink.

A significant number of suppliers have ceased to trade this year, with this exacerbated by the high gas prices seen in recent months. Indeed, the vast majority of suppliers to have shuttered have been in the last few months.

Suppliers to have stopped trading this year include Goto Energy, Pure Planet, Colorado Energy, Daligas, ENSTROGA, Igloo Energy, Symbio Energy, Avro Energy, Green Supplier Limited, People’s Energy, Utility Point, PfP Energy and MoneyPlus Energy.

Omni Energy supplies around 6,000 domestic pre-payment customers, MA Energy supplies around 300 non-domestic customers, Zebra Power suppliers around 14,800 domestic customers and Ampoweruk supplies around 600 domestic and around 2,000 non-domestic customers.

A Supplier of Last Resort will now be chosen to take on these customers.

"Ofgem’s number one priority is to protect customers. We know this is a worrying time for many people and news of a supplier going out of business can be unsettling," Neil Lawrence, director of retail at Ofgem, said.

Last month, Omni Energy and MA Energy defaulted out of the Balancing and Settlement Code, as did Simply Your Energy and Maxen Power Supply. This was due to the suppliers being unable to sufficiently reduce their credit cover percentage.

Ampoweruk, meanwhile, was issued a final order by Ofgem earlier this week over unpaid Renewables Obligation payments.

It followed Ofgem consulting on issuing final orders for Ampoweruk, Whoop Energy, Goto Energy, Home Energy Trading and Colorado Energy over the payments, although as Goto Energy and Colorado Energy since ceased to trade, they were not issued final orders, while Home Energy Trading paid its obligation in full.


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