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Ofgem issues Avro Energy with provisional order

If Avro fails to comply it could be stripped of its licence. Image: Getty.

If Avro fails to comply it could be stripped of its licence. Image: Getty.

Ofgem has issued a provisional order to Avro Energy, compelling it to provide financial information to the regulator.

It requested the financial informational on 19 August, which Avro Energy must now immediately provide.

The regulator said it expects Avro to “engage in constructive discussions about their financial projections.”

Should the energy supplier fail to provide the information requested by Ofgem, it will breach its license conditions. This could result in further enforcement action being taken by the regulator, which could include a fine, or Avro Energy being stripped of its license to operate.

The provisional order follows the company being ordered to pay £30,000 for failing to comply with Standard Licence Condition 5 in June, which sets out the requirement for licensees to provide information requested by Ofgem ‘when and in the form requested’.

Avro Energy at the time admitted to failing to comply by repeatedly failing to provide accurate and timely submissions across a number of Requests for Information (RFI). These covered topics including Tariff and Customer Accounts, COVID-19 Monitoring and Complaints RFIs.

The supplier agreed to implement mitigation strategies to avoid similar strategies going forwards as well as paying into the Voluntary Redress Fund in recognition of its failings.

The company was initially set up in 2015, and Elexon's quarterly metering figures suggests it has ~600,000 electricity customers currently.

Current± has approached Avro Energy for comment.


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