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Osprey opens first dynamic EV charging hub ahead of nationwide rollout

The Wolverhampton site is the first of 150 around the country Osprey is looking to rollout. Image: Osprey Charging.

The Wolverhampton site is the first of 150 around the country Osprey is looking to rollout. Image: Osprey Charging.

Osprey Charging’s first electric vehicle (EV) dynamic charging hub has opened in Wolverhampton today (30 November) .

The site has four high powered chargers, and is the first in the UK to use smart charging Kempower technology according to Osprey. These chargers are designed to optimise charging across multiple vehicles when more than one EV is plugged in.

This allows power to be distributed based on demand, helping to reduce waiting times by maximising the speed and availably of chargers for drivers. In doing so, consumer footfall is increased for the landowners hosting the hub. Osprey’s first site is located adjacent to the A463, and includes a Costa Coffee on-site.

Additionally, the Kempower chargers mean grid connections can be optimised, meaning multiple high-power chargers can be installed without the need for more grid power.

“The opening of our high-powered charging hub in Wolverhampton – the first of 10 in construction this year – once again puts the region at the leading edge of innovation, marking a step-change in the UK’s EV infrastructure as we accelerate towards mass adoption of EVs,” Ian Johnston, CEO of Osprey Charging, said.

“The site, which deploys multiple high-powered chargers, will provide a blueprint for hundreds more right across the UK, meaning no waiting times for drivers and an overall outstanding customer experience.”

Osprey is planning to deliver over 150 charging hubs across the UK as part of a £75 million programme to tackle charging anxiety ahead of the 2030 ban on petrol and diesel cars. This rollout will see 1,500 150-175kW rapid chargers installed over the next four years.

Each hub will be located on a strategic A-road and adjacent to motorways, Osprey said, with each hosting up to 12 high powered chargers. The Kempower chargers have a physical footprint 74% smaller than average, allowing for more chargers, increased accessibility and minimal visual impact to support planning permission.

Osprey announced the development of the hubs in September, and has since worked with Deeley Construction to develop the Costa Coffee and Connect It Utility Services to build and energise the charging infrastructure.


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