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OVO agrees PPA with Ørsted for Barrow Wind Farm

Image: Ørsted.

Image: Ørsted.

OVO Energy has entered into a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Ørsted to buy green power from its Barrow Offshore Wind Farm.

The agreement sees the energy supplier purchase 100% of the power from the 90MW capacity asset, with this playing into its ambitions of increasing the amount of renewable electricity backed by UK renewable generation to almost 40%.

Ben Blake, CEO of OVO Energy, said the company is committed to exploring how it can source more energy from renewable generation in the UK, “supporting the industry and helping to drive down costs”.

This comes after the supplier began offering its customers 100% renewable electricity at no extra cost from 1 October 2020. Whilst this is largely backed by Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin certificates, OVO outlined how it wants “to go further” with this PPA with Ørsted an example of that.

The Barrow Offshore Wind Farm project first kicked off in 2001, with the asset generating power from 2006. It is made up of 30 wind turbines, each one 120m high, and is located in the East Irish Sea, taking its name from the neighbouring Cumbrian town of Barrow-in-Furness.


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