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Shell rebrands Hudson Energy as it continues to expand its offer to businesses

Image: Shell Energy.

Image: Shell Energy.

Hudson Energy is to rebrand as Shell Energy, a year after the utility arm of the international O&G major acquired it.

The move comes as Shell Energy looks to expand its offer to businesses across Britain it said, including its 100% renewable electricity offering.

Hudson Energy’s existing customer contracts – around 200,000 as of 2019 – will not be changed, and their supply will not be interrupted. But they will be able to access natural gas, green gas and other bespoke cleaner energy solutions, Shell Energy said.

Sustainability is an increasingly important concern for businesses in the UK according to a recent survey by Shell Energy UK, with 36% already purchasing renewable energy and a further 30% planning to do so in the future.

Colin Crooks, CEO of Shell Energy Retail Limited, said environmental factors are becoming more important to businesses of all sizes according to the business leaders surveyed.

“We can help them on their decarbonisation journey, by offering simple and reliable solutions for managing their energy costs and planning their sustainability roadmap. Together, we can play a part in the UK's national drive to net-zero carbon emissions.”

Currently, almost 900,000 homeowners buy 100% certified renewable electricity from Shell Energy Retail.

In June, the company launched two new carbon neutral tariffs, with the ‘Go Further’ tariffs using electricity and gas backed by carbon credits. Shell Energy itself underwent a significant rebrand in 2019, transitioning from being known as First Utility.

In October 2019, it agreed a deal to pay £10.5 million for Hudson Energy Supply UK, the UK-facing entity of Canada’s Just Energy Group, which trades in the UK under the Green Star Energy brand.


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