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Shell Energy unveils carbon offset Go Further tariffs

Image: Shell Energy.

Image: Shell Energy.

Shell Energy has launched two new tariffs, both of which, it says, are to be carbon neutral.

The ‘Go Further’ tariffs are to provide carbon neutral electricity and gas, relying on certified carbon credits from projects that protect or enhance forests around the world for their carbon offset status.

Each carbon credit, it said, represents the avoidance or removal of one tonne of CO2 and is to be subject to a third-party verification process.

While the carbon credits system will predominantly be used to offset production and consumption of gas, "the small amount of carbon created when 100% renewable electricity is produced and distributed" will also to be offset, Shell said.

The Go Further June 2022 tariff offers fixed prices for two years, coming in at £1,023 per year for a typical household. Go Further June 2023 offers fixed prices for three years and is priced at £1,063 per year for a typical household.

Shell Energy came under fire last year following its rebrand from First Utility, when it announced it had made the switch to 100% renewable power. This led fellow supplier Good Energy to describe it as exploiting a “loophole” by purchasing Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin certificates to achieve this.

Shell said that the new carbon neutral tariffs “represent the next step customers can take to lower their carbon footprint”.

In April, the O&G giant committed to becoming a net zero emissions energy business by 2050 or sooner, however detail on how this would be achieved was lacking.

Colin Crooks, Shell Energy Retail CEO, said: "Working towards net zero homes will play a big part in getting the UK to net zero emissions.

"We are here to help our customers make their homes more energy efficient and shift heating to alternative, cleaner forms of energy such as electric heat pumps or hydrogen. At Shell we’re actively exploring options in all these areas but carbon offsetting also has a role to play in helping consumers tackle their carbon footprint.”

In February, Shell Energy unveiled a new EV charging bundle that offered 2,000 miles of free charging and a discounted home smart charger.


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