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The webinar focused on key questions about the emerging flexibility market. Image: ENA.
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Establishing a more flexible grid – opportunities, considerations and priorities

The webinar focused on key questions about the emerging flexibility market. Image: ENA.

News related to the energy sector has been dominating the media agenda recently, with the rise in consumer bills and fuel prices contributing to the increased cost of living and volatility in wholesale gas prices driven by a range of factors including the deplorable invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

With Government’s recent Energy Security Strategy publication, the announcement of a Future System Operator to oversee the energy network and the launch of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s £65m Innovation programme, the push towards renewables has never been so important, and with it the need for flexibility.

With this social, economic and political backdrop in mind, last week Current± hosted a webinar – in partnership with ENA – discussing the opportunities in providing flexibility with representatives from across industry.

As well as ENA’s head of Open Networks, Farina Farrier, speakers included:

  • David Middleton, strategic account and innovation director, Origami
  • Jamie Adam, project manager, Ripple Energy
  • Alastair Martin, chief strategy officer, Flexitricity

Areas covered included:

  • The progress towards the development of an intelligent and adaptive energy system marked by Government’s 2021 Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan.
  • What kind of flexibility is emerging to meet the growing demand created by renewable growth, and if it is moving fast enough.
  • The economic value of flexibility, how to generate a market for it and how much should it cost.
  • The biggest barriers to the transition of Britain’s electricity sector to a flexible, green system.
  • How consumers and communities can work together to tackle the increasing cost of energy and be part of the transition.
  • Priorities for speakers and their organisations over the next five years.

The webinar is available to watch on Current± and ENA’s website. ENA is open to feedback on all working areas, if you’d like to share any thoughts, insights or suggested content for future webinars with Open Networks feel free to get in touch via

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