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Electricity North West seeking 4.4MW in fifth flexibility tender

Image: Pxhere.

Image: Pxhere.

Electricity North West (ENW) has released its fifth flexibility tender, calling for 4.4MW over three years, in the areas of Bolton by Bowland, Coniston and Easton, in Lancashire.

The tender calls for ‘restore’ responses, which can provide flexible services should there be a network fault. ENW has three categories of flexibility; Restore, Sustain or Continuous, to ensure it can meet the variety of needs the network may have.

ENW is looking for 900kVA in Bolton by Bowland, 350kVA in Coniston and 100kVA in Easton. All three have a low chance of utilisation, and are expected to be used less than 40 hours per annum.

This recent tender comes on top of 52MW launched last year by ENW for flexibility. Furthermore it entered into a partnership with demand-side response provider GridBeyond to facilitate flexible energy generation.

The Request for Proposal opens for submissions on 4 November, and will close on 13 December. ENW is hoping to start providing the flexibility services in the three areas by winter 2020/2021.

Simon Brooke, Head of Distribution System Operator transition said: “Electricity North West recognises the importance of flexibility in helping the North West to achieve its zero carbon targets and facilitating our transition to a Distribution System Operator.”

ENW has also committed to additional work to specify the requirements at sites it has signposted for future flexibility. These are expected to be issued in Spring 2020.


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