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ENW pens DSR partnership with GridBeyond to expand C&I customer offering

Image: ENW.

Image: ENW.

Electricity North West (ENW) has penned a new partnership with demand-side response provider GridBeyond to offer DSR services to more than 900 businesses within the DNO’s area.

The partnership, between GridBeyond and ENW’s construction and maintenance arm, has been established to both facilitate better management of flexible energy generation in the area and to ease concerns over the nature of DSR technologies on the part of the customer.

ENW has signed up to manage the necessary power infrastructure used by C&I and public sector businesses, while GridBeyond has issued a guarantee that operations will not be interrupted at any point.

Mark Williamson, energy solutions director at ENW, said the partnership was a “significant step” to expanding the network operator’s customer service offering, adding that while the DNO had now traditionally assisted customers in such a fashion, doing so would provide “real value” to its customers.

Michael Phelan, chief executive at GridBeyond, said: “The partnership with Electricity North West (Construction and Maintenance) is strategically very important to our business. GridBeyond has already formed significant relationships with distribution partners in Ireland, and we plan to replicate the success we’ve had in Ireland over here in the UK.”


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