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Former Chargemaster CEO David Martell launches new EV chargepoint company EVIOS

EVIOS founder David Martell and the company's first chargepoint. Image: EVIOS.

EVIOS founder David Martell and the company's first chargepoint. Image: EVIOS.

Former founder and CEO of Chargemaster, David Martell has launched a new electric vehicle (EV) chargepoint company, dubbed EVIOS.

Unveiling the technology in London yesterday (26 April), Martell pointed to recent statistic from SMMT that showed the surging demand for EVs, with more battery EVs sold in March 2022 alone than the entirety of 2019.

“Customers want electric cars, but they are different,” he said, “I think that's what we're trying to do with EVIOS, to explain how you can use [EVs and chargers] better.”

Speaking at the event in the Gherkin, Martell said EVIOS had designed its charger to meet six key criteria; to be hassle free, suitable for shared parking, to automatically link to off-peak electricity tariffs, integrate with solar installations, present information in understandable terms and to be affordable.

The ability to be fitted at multiple occupancy residences is a particular boon for the technology, the company said. Each user has a four digit pin that allows them to access a personal account, which is linked to their electricity account, directly adding their usage – and none of the other residents who also use that chargepoint – to their standard electricity bill.

Currently, the EVIOS One chargepoint is set up to allow eight different accounts on any one device, but there is no reason this could not be expanded in the future, the company said.

Each chargepoint has three separate charging modes; Pure Speed, Pure Value and Pure Green. These are designed to either charge the vehicle as fast as possible, to use EV specific Time of Use tariffs or to take advantage of a property’s solar and storage installations, respectively.

Which mode a charge uses can be selected and changed within the designated EVIOs app. This – along with the charger itself and the in-home hub – are designed to be intuitive to use Martell said.

“You really do have to ask people and not think of it from a techy point of view,” he told Current±.

As part of this, the app shows the speed of charge, duration, miles added and the cost, as well as the charging history, a feature that can be of use to those who have a company and personal EV, or those who rent out their chargepoint.

The chargepoints are being manufactured in the company’s factory in Bedfordshire, and cost from £1195 with installation. A payment plan option is also available, with customers paying £33 a month for three years.

EVIOS’ first customer units are expected to go out in June, and will be fitted by the company’s own installation team. The launch coincides with the UK’s new smart charging regulations coming into force, with all new chargepoints installed needing to have smart functionality, electricity supplier interoperability and additional safety provisions, amongst other changes.

“We're one step ahead,” said Martell, pointing to the chargers smart functionality, and adding that international suppliers may struggle to meet the very UK specific regulations.

Beyond the EVIOS One, the company is eying the release of a chargepoint for workplaces at the end of the year.


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