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Fulcrum signs its largest smart meter contract worth £20m with supplier E

Image: Getty.

Image: Getty.

Fulcrum is to manage 320,000 meter points as part of what is its largest smart meter contract to date.

This anticipated £20 million, five-year agreement, will see Fulcrum become the Meter Operator (MOP) and Meter Asset Manager (MAM) for Birmingham-based energy supplier E. Alongside managing E’s portfolio of 320,000 UK meter points, it will also be responsible for the delivery of 80,000 meter exchanges as part of E’s smart meter exchange programme.

This takes Fulcrum’s portfolio of managed meter points to almost 500,000, with the run rate of its meter exchange programme also expected to double.

In February, the company announced a new partnership with Jumptech to support its residential electric vehicle (EV) projects, with the potential to expand the collaboration to support Fulcrum’s established commercial EV charging activity.

Fulcrum pointed to its other capabilities alongside its ongoing MOP and MAM metering services, including portfolio management and maintenance, site surveying and consultation alongside new meter connection programming.

Terry Dugdale, CEO of Fulcrum, said the partnership with E is a "positive endorsement" of the company's growing position in the smart meter market, adding that there are "strong synergies" between the two firms including a shared focus on delivering the highest levels of service.


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