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GRIDSERVE offers 1,000 miles of free electric vehicle charging to new leasing customers

The leasing offer comes as GRIDSERVE continues with its Electric Super Hub rollout. Image: GRIDERVE

The leasing offer comes as GRIDSERVE continues with its Electric Super Hub rollout. Image: GRIDERVE

GRIDSERVE is offering drivers £125 of charging if they lease an electric vehicle (EV) in May or June through the company’s leasing arm.

This is intended to give drivers 1,000 miles of free charging, although the exact mileage achievable varies depending on vehicle types, driver behaviour and other factors.

The free charging is enabled through an RFID card pre-loaded with £125 of charging.

The 1,000 mile figure was calculated using an average consumption of 4 miles/kWh, giving the driver 250kWh of energy at GRIDSERVE’s Electric Super Hub pricing.

The latest of these Super Hubs opened at Moto Thurrock earlier this month, with the site featuring 12 350kW chargers.

The company said that leasing is a cost-effective and straightforward way to transition to an electric car, with fixed monthly payments, no depreciation worries and optional maintenance plans.

Additionally, running an electric car remains significantly cheaper than petrol and diesel alternatives due to fuel costs rising across the board, GRIDSERVE said.

The company did raise its pricing this month, with medium power chargers now 48p/kWh and high power chargers 50p/kWh.

It followed GRIDSERVE - as well as a range of other charging networks - raising prices last year due to high power prices, with its medium power chargers at the time raised to 39p/kWh and high power chargers at the company’s Electric Hubs raised to 45p/kWh.

Robert Buckland, sales and operations director at GRIDSERVE Car Leasing, said: “GRIDSERVE Car Leasing combines the company’s EV and charging expertise, offering drivers access to all the latest electric cars and the most convenient charging, powered by sustainable energy.

The GRIDSERVE Leasing team can be found on-site at GRIDSERVE’s Electric Forecourts, as well as virtually on the phone and on live chat.

Interested drivers will soon be offered test drives in the latest electric cars, allowing them to try out multiple models in one place and get all the advice they need, GRIDSERVE said.


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