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Honda hails ‘key milestone’ as it launches commercial energy management service for EVs

Image: Honda.

Image: Honda.

Honda has launched its first commercial energy management service, partnering Vattenfall and Moixa to offer an electric vehicle (EV) service bundle.

e:PROGRESS, as the service has been dubbed, will offer consumers smart chargers together with a green energy tariff and a charge control system.

The company said that the tariff would be the first flexible energy contract available in Europe, tailored for EV owners.

It will use UK battery storage firm Moixa’s Gridshare software to allow customers to set parameters, such as minimum charge, using an app. The software will then manage the charging to ensure that it can capitalise on periods when there is abundant renewable energy, provided by Vattenfall.

The system works with Honda’s Power Charger, which can charge a Honda e from zero to full capacity in just over four hours using a 32-amp power supply, the automotive company said.

Additionally, the system will help to balance grid networks, helping to mitigate constraints and provide flexibility.

Jørgen Pluym, energy management project leader, Honda Motor Europe, said e:PROGRESS marked a “key milestone” for the company in the development of its Energy Management business.

“This is our first move into a service business model in the energy space, and we are committed to continuing to invest and develop in this area as part of the move towards electrification and widespread adoption of electric vehicles.”

Honda and Moixa have previously partnered in delivering a vehicle to grid project, installed at Islington Town Hall in London in January. The two companies announced a partnership in early 2019 that saw Honda lead a £8.6 million funding round in Moixa last summer.

Partnerships between energy and automotive companies are becoming increasingly common as the EV sector continues to boom.

British Gas has this week partnered with Volkswagen to install home charging stations and provide aftersales services. Last year, the energy giant also struck a deal with Ford to offer a ‘one-stop’ charging solution.

In an effort to secure its place in the UK EV space, EDF has acquired charging company Pod Point.

Honda’s e:PROGRESS will be initially rolled out in the UK from this summer, before Germany and other European countries.


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