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Moixa and EO Charging unveil ‘revolutionary’ solar-plus-storage-plus-EV charging partnership

Image: Moixa.

Image: Moixa.

Energy technology firm Moixa and EV charging manufacturer EO Charging have collaborated on a “revolutionary” dedicated smart charging and home solar battery solution.

The package will comprise Moixa’s smart home batteries and EO’s Genius range of home electric vehicle chargers, with Moixa’s GridShare flexibility software underpinning the combination of the two.

The companies said that installing the package together would help drivers cut the cost of charging electric vehicles at home.

Moixa’s software will monitor and use household data to learn energy consumption patterns. That will be measured against local weather forecasts - which would affect domestic solar panel output - to put together tailored charging plans for each installed system.

Chris Wright, chief technology officer at Moixa, explained: “Avoiding charging at expensive peak times can provide significant cost and carbon savings for EV drivers. However, many of us simply don’t have the time to manage this. That’s why we developed this AI-driven GridShare software that can control the EV Charger, in this case EO Genius, alongside solar panels and battery to let EV owners achieve maximum benefits with minimal effort.”

Richard Earl, chief technology officer at EO Charging, said the partnership was the “next step” in its journey towards creating smart chargers and more intelligent software.

Moixa, a Current± Hub preferred supplier, has racked up numerous investments and partnerships in recent months as its footprint has grown in both its home market and abroad.

In March this year automotive giant Honda partnered with Moixa as part of a wider energy management play that tied in with its own electric vehicle ambitions, an agreement which ultimately led to Honda leading an £8.6 million funding round in Moixa.


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