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Moixa partners Energia to deliver residential flexibility through new Irish VPP

Image: Moixa

Image: Moixa

Moixa is to launch a new virtual power plant (VPP) comprising solar batteries and electric vehicles, set to provide frequency response services to the Irish transmission system operator (TSO).

The battery storage company has signed a deal with Irish energy supplier Energia for the development of a smart energy system in Ireland. Home and vehicle batteries are to be aggregated into a 120kWh VPP to provide frequency response services to TSO Eirgrid.

Moixa and Energia are hoping the project will demonstrate how home batteries, solar and EVs can deliver flexibility to the grid.

The batteries will be capable of reacting to signals such as pricing and constraints due to the embedding of artificial intelligence through Moixa’s GridShare software.

The software will also learn energy consumption patterns and develop tailored EV charging plans for each household to deliver cost and carbon savings.

Energia customers participating in the project will receive a 4.8kWh Moixa smart battery and a rooftop solar system for a discounted €7,400, and will be offered an optional EV charge point.

Participants will also be able to claim back €2,400 via grant funding through the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, making the technology 50% cheaper overall, Moixa said.

Simon Daniel, CEO of Moixa, said: “This partnership puts Ireland at the vanguard of the digital energy revolution – delivering a cost-effective, innovative and reliable power system and acting as a blueprint for others across the world.”

Moixa launched what it described as a ‘revolutionary’ solution that paired home solar batteries and EV charging in collaboration with EO Charging in August.

It has also been active in the VPP space, with its GridShare software aggregating a VPP made up of renewables, storage and EVs as part of the Smart Local Energy System project.

The company has been developing its GridShare software over a number of projects, including a £10.8 million project led by Hitachi on the Isles of Scilly, where Moixa's software helped integrate battery storage systems and EVs onto the isles’ energy system.

The new partnership with Energia is to support the shift to a smart renewable energy system in Ireland and demonstrate how intelligently managed storage technologies can support the transition.

Energia itself recently unveiled a €3 billion investment in Irish renewable infrastructure over the next five years.

Gary Ryan, managing director of Energia Customer Solutions at Energia, said: “This project with Moixa will show how homes can become mini-power stations: generating, storing and supplying electricity, unlocking huge cost and carbon savings for customers and the network alike.”


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