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More than half UK public take action against rising energy bills, poll finds

More than half UK public take action against rising energy bills, poll finds

One in ten UK households, or 2.33 million are now in fuel poverty and this number is rising as energy bills do – but a recent YouGov poll found more than half of UK adults are taking measures against fuel poverty.

The poll found 63% of UK adults are taking small measures, such as using LED lightbulbs to tackle rising energy bills and fighting off fuel poverty, while 27% are also replacing inefficient appliances, and 12% are actively looking into solar installations to offset energy costs.

The research was carried out amongst 2,026 adults living in the UK, by YouGov on behalf of electrical distributor, Rexel.

An alarming 81% of those polled said they were concerned about their own energy bills and more than half, 59%, said they also worry about energy bills for the vulnerable. A further 83% stated the government should help the vulnerable in tackling fuel poverty.

“It is heartening to see that the British public are so concerned about others this Christmas. The rise in energy bills is a real concern to everyone and we applaud consumers for taking steps to reduce their personal bills this Winter by becoming more energy efficient,” said Brian Smithers, strategic development director, Rexel.

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Out of those polled, 59% said they worry about energy bills for the most vulnerable.

Almost half, 48%, of UK adults polled support installing renewable energy to offset bills in their own homes, and 71% support measures for insulating their own homes, while 53% think free energy efficiency technology, such as LED lightbulbs should be provided for the most vulnerable homes.

Only 17% supported non-specific cash hand outs for energy saving measures, with 22% supporting other measures, none at all, or did not know.  

Although energy efficiency market support and measures were completely absent from the Autumn statement this week, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) did announce details of a new £30 million boost for the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund.

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Out of the UK adults polled, 48%, support installing renewable energy at their own homes.


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